Biography Lúcio

Introducing chief-cook Lúcio Fiuza (1965)…

Good Lineage does not deny itself, and even being in the Netherlands since 1997 Lúcio’s heart still goes out to the Brazilian cuisine.

Only 16 years old, Lúcio moved tot Copacabana, in the south of Rio de Janeiro.

Hearing this name of Copacabana … who does not have romantic fantasies of balmy nights at the tropical beaches where the bossa nova sounds continuously till dawn?Lúcio was impressed by this culinary world and its associated hospitality.

After completing his professional cook-education he worked in Venezuela and El Salvador, where he was chief of the famous Ipanema Grill.

From 1997 onwards he worked as chef de cuisine in Amsterdam at Brasserie Keijzer and the Pulitzer Hotel.

His biggest culinary dream came true when opening the doors of Boteco Lúcio 91, in the fall of 2011.