“Theatre is my second passion”

Chief cook Lúcio notes with satisfaction that his boteco is becoming more appearance that he stands for. “A boteco is in fact more than just good food,” he explains. “It is a culinary venue where guests can enjoy fine arts events. Live music, wall art and weekly activitist of young promising artists – we try as much as we can to tantalize our guests’ taste buds at various levels. We are looking for upcoming talents who deserve a podium.”

This stage DeLúcios will be opened shortly and that’s even unique for Amsterdam. So pure on the skin you might not yet have experienced drama or music, and it is even free! Afterwards, at the desert, there is plenty of opportunity to get into conversation with the artists.
Then the concept of my boteco is entirely successful. “For those with less experience in theater, this might be a revelation: where in Amsterdam you can find such a small theater of only 20 visitors? You can almost touch our actors and you smell as it were face paint and stage costumes. I am sure that I offer my guests something that is even special to Amsterdam standards.”

More news about art in Boteco Lúcio: click here.

Reservation Friday-Theater-Formula needed.

Other evenings, reservations recommended (Monday closed).

Theatre Boteco Lucio 91