Trio Sefardo Espagnol

Boteco Lúcio 91- DeLucious Theater Presents

on Fridays April 4 and April 18 2014


Trio Sefardo Espagnol plays Sephardic Music with Spanish, Jewish and Arabic influences

Vocals, Violin and guitar – melancholy and passion – music straight from the heart.

Please make your dinner reservation soon and enjoy this special performance!

020 664 1620

(Symbolical fee 5 euro)


Sephardic music has its roots in the musical traditions of the Jewish communities in medieval Spain. Since then, it has picked up influences from Morocco, Argentina, Turkey, Greece, and the other places that Spanish Jews settled after their expulsion from Spain in 1492. Lyrics were preserved by communities formed by the Jews expelled from the Iberian Peninsula. These Sephardic communities share many of the same lyrics and poems, but the music itself varies considerably.
Because so many centuries have passed since the exodus, a lot of the original music has been lost. Instead, Sephardic music has adopted the melodies and rhythms of the various countries where the Sephardim settled in. Sephardic music describes the misery, melancholy and struggle for live. The music is straight from the heart!
An important tribute to survival was made by Judy Frankel, who saved many sephardic melodies and lyrics.

Trio Sefardo Espagnol will perform on April 4 and 18 in DeLucious Theatre and brings a great variety of Spanish, Jewish and Arabic influence. Concentration is put on the „Alma”, the soul of the music with lots of melancholy and passion.
Trio Sefardo Espagnol is inspired by the research of Judy Frankel, as well as the Spanish heritage of Garcia Lorca, and also creates arrangements by themselves.

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